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WHY is a Alternative, Rock, Pop band
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RED album Cover. Available on iTUNES or
POSTED BY WHY on Feb 15/11 | 11589 VIEWS
RED album Cover.
Available on iTUNES or PRISONER of HOPE Single cover 100% of all download profits go to UNICEF Haiti Project.
Get it on iTUNES and Brian Cook(singer) Rob Langan(guitar/keyboards) and Brian Cook(Vocals) work on demo arrangements before going into studio to record new album (2009-2010) Brian Cook (singer)on twitter Back of RED single. WHY Live (Brian in the crowd again) Brian being interviewed for TV. LAZARUS EFFECT Cd in support of MAKE POVERTY HISTORY and OXFAM.
Out of Print.(few CDs available at and available on iTUNES. Brian presents award. WHY opened for (of all people) Edgar Winter. Sierra Noble Joined WHY for 2 songs. Brian being interviewed on CURVE FM in Winnipeg Brian hanging with TREBLE CHARGER at POER 97 in Winnipeg 2001-2002 release "THE RISE AND FALL OF THE QUESTION MARK" (WHY's 2nd full length album). Picture #14Picture #15Brian connects with the audience. Brian and Lenny Kravitz Brian and his comedy hero John Candy just before his untimely passing. Brian Live Brian  Brian Picture #22Benefit concert. Picture #24Picture #25Picture #26Picture #27WHY supports WATERCAN Cover for WHY Christmas single "CAN'T EVERYDAY BE LIKE CHRISTMAS?" in support of food banks. Picture #30Picture #31Picture #13Picture #33WHY live at MAKE POVERTY HISTORY concert. Picture #35Picture #36Picture #37Picture #38Picture #39Picture #40Picture #41Picture #42Picture #43Picture #44Picture #45